As a multi-disciplined brownfield engineering firm, our project delivery capability ensures we can successfully deliver scopes of work on fixed platform production facilities, drilling facilities and mobile offshore drilling units. These range from single anomaly repair scopes or large capital equipment change-out and upgrades, through to full-scale rig reactivation campaigns.  

On average, PD&MS typically delivers around 200 projects every month to clients across the oil and gas, drilling, production and marine industries around the globe.

While each campaign may vary in degrees of scale and complexity, PD&MS ensures that every project is undertaken by its specialist teams with the same attention to detail and due diligence. This approach results in the delivery of safely delivered, high quality results, every time.

PD&MS has the systems, processes and an inherent can-do culture amongst its personnel. This enables our teams simultaneously carry out fast track emergent projects without compromising delivery on larger planned project commitments.