Platform Drilling Facilities

PD&MS has extensive experience addressing the requirements of platform based drilling operations.

Listed below is a selection of our project experience, illustrating the diverse nature of campaigns successfully delivered, both in terms of scale and complexity.

Well Control Experience

  • Evaluation of existing equipment capabilities and forthcoming operational requirements against the requirements of API 16D and API S53.
  • Specification and package management of replacement BOP control unit and associated control systems.
  • Detailed design, engineering, procurement and construction associated with the interface of replacement BOP control systems
  • Assessment of trip tank discharge flow rates and modification of pipework and impeller to meet operational requirements.
  • Cement pipework modifications and repair to simplify cleaning operations
  • HP mud header swivel replacement
  • Modifications to HP mud standpipe to facilitate future integration of CCD system
  • 7,500 psi upgrade to HP mud pumps and HP mud pipework

Capital Equipment

PD&MS has the capability and experience to undertake sizing, specification and selection of all types of capital drilling equipment to suit your current and future drilling programmes and specific operational requirements. We can support this phase by also addressing the vendor interface and package management scope alongside the engineering and detailed design associated with the interface and hook-up of new or replacement equipment.

In addition, our operational understanding, and experience with first generation platform facilities provides a strong foundation to provide practical operational support where repairs or modifications are required, particularly where OEM support is no longer available.

The Capital Equipment Experience projects listed below include the specification, selection, vendor and package management, interface detailed design and engineering aspects associated with the noted equipment.

Capital Equipment Experience

  • New shale shaker package
  • Bulk air compressor replacement
  • Replacement driller’s cabin
  • Diesel driven top drive generator replacement
  • Retrofit inflatable seals to bell nipple housing
  • Ezy-torque weld repair
  • Repair draw works emergency brake cylinder bracket (Crown-o-Matic)
  • Design of lifting system to facilitate HP mud pump crankshaft removal
  • Temporary integration of Swarf recovery system with existing mud system for milling job
  • Lifting arrangements for draw works drum replacement project
  • Bop layout study to evaluate handling and stack-up operability for new stack configuration
  • Replacement drill floor winches
  • Installation of diesel driven essential services power generator
  • Drilling control system modifications
  • CCTV system replacement and upgrade
  • Drilling HPU replacement
  • Variable speed drive system replacement c/w replacement of associated cooling system

Utility Experience

  • Doghouse and drillers control console replacement
  • UPS system remedial work
  • Utility systems overhaul and pipework replacement
  • Instrument air supply assessment and replacement
  • Bulk tanks main air line replacement
  • Replace bulk powder transfer line, hoses and spools
  • Replacement of horizontal bulk powder internal aeration system and fill / discharge system and controls
  • Shaker and pit LEV repair/upgrade scopes and performance standard compliance review

Derrick Experience

  • Installation of bespoke inspection walkway to access torque tube upper tie-back / hang-off point and crown level tugger turn-down sheaves
  • Fingerboard upgrade, including derrick analysis of increased wind-loading from increased set-back capacity
  • API 4F derrick analysis for various scenarios, including
    • Top drive / top drive upgrade
    • Increased racking capacity
    • Automated pipe handling equipment
    • Access basket installation
    • Verification of derrick rating following detection of corrosion
    • Assessment and alignment of working capacity of all load path components
  • Replace derrick HP standpipes and all support brackets
  • Drill floor tugger line routing review and optimisation (new Roller boxes and sheave locations)
  • Replacement and repair of various wind-walls, handrails, ladders and platforms within the derrick

General Experience

  • Electrical load study to evaluate power distribution and SCR constraints
  • Bespoke drill cuttings pre-slurrification system design and installation
  • Creation of new BOP control unit machinery space via significant module extension (28 Te)
  • Tugger upgrade c/w plinth and base plate assessment and replacement
  • Bespoke mud pump liner wash filter boxes to mitigate risk of environmental OBM spill
  • Surge tank vent line modifications
  • Bulk tank hatch repairs
  • DC motor duct work replacement
  • Drill floor deck plate repairs
  • Cable catenary overhaul and re-support
  • Repair distorted bulk tank leg
  • Repair corroded bulk tank nozzles
  • Repair and overhaul of LP Mud mix / transfer system
  • Replacement of diverter control lines
  • Driller’s cabin remedial and repair work c/w heating and ventilation upgrades
  • BOP Access Platforms
  • Replacement vee door ramp and catwalk
  • HP mud line supports
  • Driller’s cabin alarm panel replacement
  • SCR switchboard ACB change-out
  • Relocation of mud coolers and design of associated pipework modifications
  • Drilling instrumentation upgrade