PD&MS has extensive experience in supporting drilling operations conducted from barges, jack-ups, semi-submersibles and drilling ships.

In addition to delivering general drilling support services the list below illustrates a diverse selection of the projects PD&MS has successfully delivered in terms of scale and complexity.


  • BOP handling system studies and upgrades
  • Xmas tree handling systems
  • ROV LARS and support spreads
  • Burner boom interface, mounting and king post engineering
  • Rig cooling system interface engineering
  • Engineering of interfaces, deck loading and locations for gravel pack, IWOCS Reels, well test spread, etc.
  • Tender assisted drilling (TAD) upgrades
  • Moonpool winch relocation
  • Riser tensioner system modifications
  • Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) – Integrated solutions for shakers, pits, bulk systems, battery rooms, accommodation and machinery spaces
  • Combined operations upgrades
    • F&G / deluge / comm’s interfaces, etc.
    • Access / egress stair tower & bridge links
  • Derrick heat shielding and heat dispersion analysis
  • Pod reel and pod line tensioner modifications
  • Texas deck modifications
  • Wing deck and infill panel design and installation
  • Derrick design and assessment
  • Derrick access platform and casing stabbing board design and installation
  • Dropped object protection frames


  • Projects completed include 15k drilling system upgrade (mud, cement, choke and kill)
  • MGS and vent line upgrades
  • Mud pit and pre-load tank upgrades, conversions and reconfigurations
  • Zero discharge systems
  • Shale shaker and mud processing equipment upgrade and installation
  • Mud mix and transfer system design and modifications
  • Pump sizing and system reconfiguration
  • System noise and vibration analysis
  • Finger board replacement and pipe handling system modifications


  • Access platforms and stairs, laydown platforms, maintenance platforms
  • Class society approved hull repairs
  • Accommodation block upgrades and related scopes
  • Engineering associated with structural stability, support and utility interfaces for additional living quarters (ALQ) and temporary living quarters (TLQ)
    • Black drains system modifications and sewage unit replacement
    • Lifeboat replacement and upgrade
    • Helideck replacement


Major Shipyard upgrade campaigns

International assistance is available from PD&MS either in the main contractor role, or supporting role for;

  • General construction, repairs, upgrades and equipment replacement
  • Special periodic survey support
  • Five yearly recertification support
  • Diving support for pontoon and spud can inspections General inspection support