Platform Production Facilities


PD&MS has extensive experience addressing the requirements of production facilities on platforms, FPSOs / FPVs and within onshore refinery facilities. The selection of projects listed below details a selection of our campaign experience, illustrating the diverse nature of the scopes of work delivered to date, in terms of scale, complexity and multi-discipline integration.


  • Production flow-lines, gas-lift flow-lines and water injection flow-lines
  • Production manifold modifications
  • Connection of new field production delivery pipework from QC/DC to production and test separators
  • Gas lift system modifications
  • Produced water re-injection system upgrades
  • Installation of new gas lift compressor including all interface engineering
  • Partial decommissioning of refinery process stream and integration of retained plant into main separation systems
  • Subsea tie back modifications
  • Gas lift compressor installation
  • Gas jet pump installation
  • Vessel trim modifications


  • Chemical injection package installation
  • De-watering package
  • Installation of new gas turbine including all interface engineering and detailed design
  • Waste heat recovery system modifications
  • Sulphate removal package interface engineering
  • DCS upgrades
  • Installation of new water makers including all interface engineering & detailed design
  • Utilities system and drains system repairs and overhaul
  • Bunkering system upgrades (structural and piping)
  • Asset anomaly management (structural and piping – Pipe spools, gratings, handrails)
  • Disinvestment/equipment removal projects for decommissioning
  • CCTV upgrades
  • Calorifier upgrade modifications
  • Glycol Package Installation


  • UPS system upgrade
  • Bridge and support design
  • Phased replacement of entire main platform F&G system including all interface engineering, detailed design and vendor management
  • Lifeboat upgrades
  • Accommodation upgrades
  • Installation of new UPS system including all interface engineering and detailed design
  • Access platform extensions
  • Stair towers and access walkways
  • Link bridge solutions
  • Crane boom rests
  • Escape descender and DONUT frames and foundation platforms
  • Asset drawing as-building and conversions from paper format to CAD
  • HVAC upgrades including assessment of performance standard adequacy and recommended changes