Dimension control

PD&MS’s in-house department dedicated to dimensional control (DC) and laser survey is capable and experienced in traditional survey techniques and both conventional point to point type infrared surveying and more expansive point cloud survey. This includes the post survey data processing, analysis and 3D modelling as required.

Using tried and tested survey practices, top-of-the-range equipment and an in-house developed suite of mathematical survey software, our DC surveyors can deliver precise sub-millimetre dimensional accuracy to clients ensuring a guaranteed first-time fit, every time.

From the mass data capture of a point cloud survey to capturing single, simple anomalies, our DC survey team’s resources can ensure dimensional integrity is maintained throughout the specific demands of any size of project before issuing bespoke surveys tailored to suit a client’s exact requirements.

Specific benefits of PD&MS’s DC resources include:

  • Sub-millimetre tie-point information ensures a first-time fit
  • Guaranteed clash free routing of new piping and structural systems
  • No on-site welding
  • Allows prefabrication and minimises shut-down times
  • Can be carried out on a live plant
  • Eliminates retrospective engineering and the requirement of rework
  • Significantly aids the production of clear, concise and constructible design deliverables
  • Minimises offshore activity by maximising onshore CAD resources
  • Seamless flow of data between survey team and PD&MS design team