Platform Drilling Facilities

PD&MS has extensive expertise in brownfield engineering on drilling facilities ranging from minor upgrades and repairs to large-scale rig reactivation projects. Our core team has an in-depth knowledge of drilling systems and drilling operations gained through many years of hands-on experience working alongside drilling contractors and operator drilling teams allowing us to bring many best-practices and lessons-learned to the solutions we offer.

Our independence as an engineering entity gives us the ability to convey unbiased, fair assessments of work scopes without conflict or prejudice from other drivers that may be evident when consulting the engineering division of a drilling contractor. Our sole consideration is to deliver a safe, cost-effective and value-added engineering solutions right the first time; in full cognisance of end-user requirements and drilling operations constraints. This approach has resulted in PD&MS being selected as the incumbent contractor for rig engineering for a number of operators, covering EPC services in support of ongoing operational requirements and delivery of integrated rig reactivation projects either in support of future drilling operations or for plug & abandon work required for platform decommissioning.  Whatever the requirement, PD&MS has the knowledge and experience to deliver.

We have a range of experience covering ageing first generation assets through to newly operational cyber-rig assets; our solutions tailored accordingly.

Our pragmatic and knowledge-led approach enables PD&MS to deliver effective solutions including but not limited to

  • Full upgrade and reactivation of drilling facilities for extended life and ERD capabilities
  • Minor repair and upgrade scopes
  • Fast-reaction operational support to minimise drilling downtime
  • Medium size project and capital equipment upgrades scopes
  • Rig condition evaluation and reactivation proposals
  • As-building and auditing drilling systems
  • Making fit for decommissioning activities (plug and abandonment of wells)
  • Design of greenfield drilling facilities

Our experience and knowledge of drilling facilities, systems and operations, coupled with our drive to deliver cost effective solutions on time and within budget, gives us an unprecedented differentiator in the drilling facility engineering services arena.