PD&MS’s HVAC division consists of a dedicated team of HVAC and refrigeration F-GAS qualified engineers to support all your maintenance and servicing requirements.

Our current long term clients benefit from our service offering which is drawn from planned preventative maintenance, reliability centred maintenance, condition based maintenance, and vibration analysis.

Our HVAC teams also have the experience and knowledge to advise and assist in developing a tailored HVAC maintenance strategy including:

  • Maintenance strategy study
  • Development of planned maintenance routines (PMRs)
  • Remote system status (to client)
  • Procedural implementation
  • Life cycle cost management
  • Spares management


Plant reliability

PD&MS understands how critical plant safety and reliability are to each client’s business. Our HVAC team has the expertise to support any aspect of plant care, from basic breakdown support through to a programme of planned preventative maintenance.

PD&MS believes in a scalable and flexible approach. By listening to our clients and their specific needs, our HVAC team can deliver a responsive service tailored to satisfy exact project goals.


PD&MS delivers a variety of solutions from basic periodic plant inspection through to a planned preventative maintenance programme, incorporating both scheduled maintenance tasks and fully documented record keeping, to satisfy statutory and business requirements.

Service and spares

Our HVAC team delivers engineering support to service and replace component parts within a pre-agreed response time.


The European F-Gas Regulations 2006 require that refrigeration systems using F-gases must comply with provisions that include a specified leak-test programme carried out by a suitably qualified person and in some cases, installation of permanent leak detection equipment.

Our teams can provide these services and help clients comply with statutory regulations.

Leak testing

Our suitably qualified HVAC engineers can ensure clients’ refrigeration systems are compliant with the European F-Gas Regulations 2006 which stipulates a specific leak-test programme is in place for all refrigeration systems using F-gases.

PD&MS has secured its long term incumbency contracts by offering better value for money and improved service quality in connection to HVAC upgrade and maintenance work when compared to existing incumbent service contractor. Typical improvements we can offer include;

  • Providing fully integrated service where electrical and structural aspects of upgrade and modification projects are incorporated, eliminating additional interfaces that are required to be managed by clients.
  • Operational understanding of the platform and drilling areas and equipment needs outside of HVAC, which must be considered as part of any engineering design review
  • Ensuring equipment readiness and compliance with HVAC performance standards relating to drilling areas in the lead up to drilling activities.
  • Demonstrable adherence to contractual obligations relating to cost and KPIs. PD&MS has a long standing open book relationship with many clients, delivering significant cost savings in comparison with previous arrangements with incumbent HVAC contractors.