Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility is an integral and very important part of PD&MS’s approach to business.
It is ingrained within the very fabric of the company’s business ethics and seeks to provide support to both the people and communities in which it serves.  
A global economy, together with increasing sensitivity to the impact of business on communities and the environment, means that companies are exposed to challenges regarding their activities wherever they operate.
The following set of key principles have been adopted by PD&MS aimed at addressing some of the social and environmental challenges we face every day as a business:
§    We seek to build trust and credibility within our stakeholder community
§    We will create and maintain a licence to operate within the regions we work in
§    We will seek to understand the social and environmental impacts within these business regions
§    We will engage with and provide assistance and support to our local communities
§    We will help identify and respond to social and environmental change providing a basis for long term sustainable success
§    We will provide opportunities for organisational learning and innovation
§    We will meet and anticipate the regional legislative and regulatory requirements for each country and region we operate in
§    We will actively seek to ensure that all organisations working either for or with PD&MS share the same high standards of business ethics     and values as set out in our Code of Business conduct.