Decarbonising Oil & Gas

PD&MS is leading the charge in supporting the transformation to zero carbon energy.

The oil & gas sector faces many challenges as we work towards the UK’s 2050 net zero target. PD&MS specialist low carbon engineering and advisory services can support you in developing and delivering your carbon reduction roadmap to ensure that you achieve your targets through reliable and sustainable solutions.


PD&MS can provide a full systems analysis of customers assets and operations from an energy efficiency and carbon lifecycle perspective, leading to the development of innovative and bespoke strategies to reduce the customer’s emissions and energy consumption.

PD&MS have a range of carbon calculation tools which can be used to evaluate and quantitatively assess the environmental impacts of oil & gas infrastructure as a whole, or on a system by system and component by component basis to provide the customer with a comprehensive assessment of their carbon impact.

Our extensive range of Low Carbon and Renewables Energy services include:

Advisory & Business Support Services

  • Net Zero Roadmap Planning including full Carbon Neutral Strategy Development for businesses and their supply chain
  • Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions Policy development
  • Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions Reporting and GHG Accounting
  • SECR & ESOS Compliance Support
  • Due Diligence, Legislative and Regulatory Advisory Services, i.e. planning and consents
  • Carbon Reduction / Energy Efficiency Assessment Studies
  • Carbon offsetting assessments

Operational Carbon Reduction Services – Onshore & Offshore Infrastructure

  • We provide end to end low carbon energy services from development of investment case and identification of carbon reduction opportunities through to detailed design, engineering, construction, and commissioning of low carbon solutions.
  • Low Carbon Energy Project Development & Execution including:
    • Project Identification
    • Feasibility Study Development
    • Investment Grade Business Case Development
    • Preliminary Design
    • Project Management through Procurement, Detailed Design, Construction and Commissioning
  • New technology integration assessments including: Hydrogen burners / boilers, Hydrogen fuel cells, CCUS, Offshore District Energy
  • Energy network feasibility studies, with a range of energy sources including geothermal, green gas, wind, solar, heat pumps and wastewater heat recovery
  • Environmental Improvement Activity Assessment including environmentally friendly and biodegradable corrosion prevention, wax, tar and crude removal etc.

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