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Our Approach

PD&MS understands that the efficient takedown and turnaround of customer assets has direct value implications for our customers’ businesses.

We aim to remove the stress and trepidation that can occur during this time through safe and effective delivery of the work’s scope and the successful restart of our customer’s assets, in line with the applicable schedule. We have a strong track record regarding shutdowns and plant turnaround, and look to liaise with a customer early on in the development of the work’s scope, before moving forward together to accomplish the planning and shutdown delivery phases.

Successful shutdowns and turnaround hinge on effective planning, robust monitoring and control, clear understanding of risks and opportunities, and contingency planning – all of which help to maximise the value realised during assets’ downtime.

Using project management principles that are supported by our range of shutdown preparation tools, we’re able to offer customers shutdown support in a bundled (end-to-end offering) or unbundled (bespoke, single or multi-service solutions) form. Either way, we’re passionate about treating all shutdowns as projects in their own right and employing robust management skills and practices to set our customers up for success. Our offering includes the areas of service detailed below.


We advocate early involvement in the determination of a project’s scope and the rationalisation phase, before developing solutions that minimise shutdown requirements.

This may entail challenging the conceptualisation of the project and suggesting the implementation of alternative solutions to best achieve the intended outcome. We will work with customer operations teams, technical authorities and shutdown management teams to build the shutdown work list and interrogate the stated requirements. We also engage in planning and estimation work, and develop risk and contingency plans, as we work towards a shutdown scope freeze. We believe that by engaging with asset teams early on and creating well-informed groups and a solid foundation of trust, we can optimise shutdown delivery.

Monitoring and Controlling

We ensure that that pre-shutdown gates and critical delivery milestones are met for all engineering design, workpacks, materials and vendor information needs. Using this pre-shutdown period to prepare equipment and materials in the best way possible helps to maximise tool time and efficiency. Throughout shutdown delivery we also monitor and control our progress, making appropriate interventions to safeguard successful delivery.


By deploying competent and knowledgeable teams, and utilising appropriate technology, we offer safe and effective shutdown delivery.

By transferring ownership of shutdown delivery to the PD&MS team, our customers can remove additional costs and burdens from their business. To enable this we undertake a project campaign approach, using our proprietary systems and tools to deliver successful shutdowns every time.

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