Supply Chain & Procurement

Our Approach

PD&MS has access to an extensive range of supply chain partnerships.

This has been strengthened over the years by our investment in the development of an approved vendor list (AVL) process, one that’s enabled us to develop expertise, build relationships and gain valuable experience with various suppliers. The suppliers in our network are engaged in various ways, from framework agreements that allow us to benefit from cross-portfolio purchasing power and volume discounts, to POs raised and executed on a case-by-case basis.

PD&MS manages all of our customers’ supply chain needs for standard or bespoke solutions.

If a vendor is not on our AVL, we’ll undertake the necessary due diligence to competitively tender, technically evaluate and commercially assess prospective suppliers. A competitive process within supply chain management also allows us to work with a range of vendors, to gain optimal competitive value and quality for our customers.

Having selected a vendor based on competitive conditions we undertake full package management activities including specification, quality assurance planning, kick-off, vendor document review and management, factory/site acceptance testing, quality control and inspection, and release.

Whilst we don’t have our own in-house fabrication service, we believe in leveraging the competitive marketplace to achieve faster turnarounds, lower costs and specialist support more consistently. If you have a specific supply chain challenge, be it critical material lead-time or cost, reach out to PD&MS and we’ll work to determine whether our supply chain network can assist you in resolving your issue.

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