Yard Management

PD&MS has extensive yard management experience. We’ve worked with several yard providers as the primary contractor and coordinated campaigns of significant scale with them. Various members of our leadership team and wider personnel roster have also led yard management work in Asia and Africa. However, the majority of the yard locations we’ve been involved in supporting are found in Europe.

Right across these sites we’ve taken the lead, coordinating and controlling yard contractors and workforces in campaigns focussed on:

  • Construct and build assets
  • Completions, punch-listing, inspection and test reports
  • Commissioning and hook-up preparation
  • Yard performance management

We have COMAH site experience, as well as construction, design and management (CDM) experience, all underpinned by appropriate training, processes and procedures, and competent personnel.

We’ve also acted both as a primary contractor and a primary designer on past projects. Our company is ideally positioned to undertake yard management on behalf of customers and to aid them in achieving optimal outcomes by leveraging our project management expertise to manage yard campaigns in a more cost-effective and predictable manner.

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