A geothermally heated project will go through a number of steps to evaluate and quantify the potential resource.

This desktop and subsequent feasibility stage is critical to the assessment of whether your site has a potential geothermal resource and will assess not only the resource but any regulatory or other barriers which need to be addressed and overcome.

For All Projects

  • Desk top evaluation of potential resource based on existing data from either previous mine workings or geological data
  • Initial assessment of constraints and potential opportunities
  • Review local mine abandonment plans form the Coal Authority.
  • Georeferencing of mine plans in GIS
  • Contact SEPA permitting department for acceptable parameters of discharged untreated minewater.
  • Assess stability and openness of local mineshafts

For Surface Discharge Project (Additional to All Projects Items)

  • Assess onsite gravity discharge drainage designs and past remediation work.
  • Contact Coal Authority to obtain data pertaining to the nearby gravity discharge(s) – flow rates, temperatures, chemistry, flow pathway and treatment.
  • Identify best discharge(s) and mine access point(s) for exploitation.
  • Assess water temperature, chemistry and flow of all available discharges through field sampling and flow measurement (if needed following purchase of CA data)
  • Determine most favourable design concept.
  • Outline design proposal for abstraction / discharge point(s), flow rate and available temperature (delta T) to inform pump, heat exchanger and heat pump capacity.
  • Provide Risk Register with Mitigating Actions
  • Provide indicative Project Development Timeline

For Deep Geothermal Project (Additional to All Projects Items)

  • Determine possible sites for an abstraction or reinjection well.
  • Evaluate potential well locations and map underground flow paths to determine optimal well design.
  • Determine design supply to match heat demand (usually in conjunction with SEL).
  • Obtain cost estimates for water treatment sites for different flowrates and treatment methods.
  • Evaluate treatment vs reinjection.
  • Design and price minewater heating system.
  • Identify options for test drilling, outline value (data collection for de-risking resource, potential for repurposing wells for minewater heat abstraction), and obtain drilling / testing cost estimates

If the resource is assessed as being suitable we will prepare a comprehensive business case, to help you secure a funding for the project. Once funding is secured then we can manage all aspects of the development of your project which will include:

  • Plan & commission test drilling programme (if required)
  • Well and surface infrastructure design
  • Procurement of drilling and top side engineering
  • Construction management of the project
  • Geothermal system commissioning

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