PD&MS is a trusted partner of choice for wind energy developers and operators. Our in-house wind capabilities ensure that onshore and offshore projects alike are successfully completed through engineering, construction, commissioning, decommissioning and repowering.

PD&MS are fully committed to the development of the UK and European wind industry.  As this industry continues to rapidly develop in the UK and Europe, skilled Technicians, Engineers, Operators and Project Managers will be required to support the development, construction and operations of these new critical power plants.  PD&MS has and will continue to work hard and collaborate with others to further develop local UK and European technical resources to support this new industry.

As a ‘home grown’ local company, our geographical location and extensive expertise successfully delivering complex projects of significant scale offshore in the North Sea, overcoming the associated logistical and weather related challenges gives our clients a high degree of comfort and confidence in selecting PD&MS as a trusted partner of choice to deliver exemplary levels of support and service.

Engineering and Design

  • Structural design
  • Electrical design
  • System studies
  • Detailed design
  • Modifications small order repairs
  • ladder system design and replacement
  • J-Tube design and replacements
  • Handrails and platform engineering
  • Grid connections concepts
  • FEED
  • LV/MV/HV grid design and modifications
  • Substation design
  • Substation modifications
  • Asset diligence
  • Project development services
  • Civil and structure design
  • Asset management


  • Multi skilled labour supply
  • Rope access
  • Construction supervision
  • Rigging
  • Component preparation
  • Preassembly work
  • WTG installation
  • Foundation installation
  • Blade installation
  • Mechanical and electrical completion
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Heavy lifting execution
  • Confined space work
  • Latchway system installation

Termination and Testing

  • Quick-response service for cable lay support
  • Endoscopic surveys & PEG cleaning of J-tubes
  • Messenger wire installation
  • HV and fibre testing/terminations
  • Experience of working with the latest cable rigging systems

Balance of plant

  • Latchway Systems
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Guano cleaning
  • Bolting & Torque services and management
  • Blade Repair
  • Coating & Corrosion Inspection and repairs
  • Cleaning
  • Fire & lifesaving systems
  • HVAC
  • LV/MV/HV
  • IT & Telecoms
  • Planned, Proactive & Reactive Maintenance
  • Retrofits and upgrades

Statutory Inspections

  • Latchway systems
  • Service Lifts
  • Hoists
  • Hydraulic Loader Cranes
  • Lifting Appliances
  • Lifting Accessories
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Access Ladders
  • Fall Arrest Anchors
  • Fall Restraint Systems
  • Evacuation and rescue equipment
  • First aid kits
  • Signage
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire alarm and detection systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Pressure Systems
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Portable Electric Appliances
  • Meteorological Masts
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Weather monitoring equipment

Rope Access and Drone Services

Full IRATA member 8165/0, PD&MS Internal rope access department eradicating third party mark ups, core service delivering consistent performance without compromise to quality or safety, reduced POB with use of multi-skilled technicians, performance optimization and cost reduction.

  • Blade inspection & repairs
  • Tower cleans
  • Tower repairs
  • Nacelle repairs
  • Ladder replacements and repairs
  • Cable pulling
  • Splash zone


  • Study/feasibility concept selection
  • Strategic destruct/weight management planning
  • Execution led planning
  • Engineering and design
  • Temporary systems to support final destruct phases
  • Construction labour
  • Construction of additional lift points/structure
  • Destruct/controlled demolition associated with removal preparation
  • Modular removal or single lift operations
  • Heavy lifting execution
  • Crane supervision


  • Repowering design and upgrades
  • Substation upgrades
  • Decommissioning retired assets
  • Engineering services
  • Installation services
  • Operations and maintenance for new assets
  • Inspection and repair
  • Future decommissioning planning
    Heavy lifting execution

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