Multi discipline engineering
At PD&MS, we have a dedicated Caissons Engineering Group delivering a streamlined service from an experienced team, providing cost savings to our clients.
Many assets face problems with respect to caisson repair, removal and replacement evidenced through the number of caisson type projects our clients have asked us to address.
Our dedicated Caissons Engineering Group works solely on caisson projects thereby ensuring the experience and knowledge gained throughout the scope is retained within the group, keeping the process efficient, lean and effective.
Prior to determining the engineered solution, our front end expertise has specialist know how in the areas of metallurgy, corrosion and erosion. This knowledge, coupled with years of operational experience, ensures the initial assessment phase identifies the optimal solution.
In the development of various caisson design solutions, the PD&MS Caissons Engineering Group has sought input for specialist services, managing that input as part of the overall delivery to our clients through;
§    Evaluation of Associated Corrosion Protection (CP) Systems Requirements
§    ROV/ Diver services
§    Subsea caisson supports design
§    Caisson cutting tools (mechanical and high pressure water jetting)
§    Caisson handling
§    Specialist repairs such as repair clamps and swage liner repairs
The repeatable nature of this work, combined with the dedicated team continuity allows us to offer our clients a more competitive cost on delivery and further streamline specific aspects of our process to support slick delivery of innovative solutions, incorporating the experience gained on each project quickly and effectively to optimise the solution offered.