Subsea Tiebacks
PD&MS has extensive experience of delivering subsea tiebacks to platforms often in a fast track nature resulting in a realisation of benefits far sooner than expected.
Subsea tiebacks offer an optimal solution where marginal fields are being considered. PD&MS has a strong history of delivering subsea tiebacks and reducing time to first oil.
Our approach to subsea tiebacks is aligned with the model used for all of our projects; streamlined, accelerated delivery providing robust, fit for purpose solutions. We utilise our historical experience, knowledge of available technologies and proven delivery model to ensure project risk is mitigated and drilling to production times reduced.
Our flow assurance team specialise in steady state and transient flow analysis to address various flow profiles. Once the optimal solution has been determined, our early engagement allows development of any conceptual work into an achievable, practical solution before defining the work breakdown structure most suited to an efficient handover at the end of the project.
Further development work will be carried through FEED into detailed design where the project will be managed in line with the technical requirements and schedule imposed by the client.

Key Activities and Considerations

§    Front end concept development
§    Preliminary survey/constructability
§    Further definition
§    Work breakdown structure
§    Engineering
§    Construction
§    Commissioning
§    Procurement strategy
§    Long lead items
§    Vendor management
§    Detailed design
§    Construction
§    Commissioning