Recently Our Chief Operating Officer Liam O’Neil spoke on decarbonisation at Offshore Europe 2021 and what PD&MS are doing today on Shrinking the Carbon Bubble

We are proud to share PD&MS Group #STRIVETO35 and what it means to the energy sector. See what PD&MS are doing today for our future.

"As a society, we understand the critical nature of transitioning away from fossil fuel energy. The energy transition should entail a deliberate but measured set of cohesive actions, set out to achieve a balance of immediate and future action, as well as both incremental and radical innovations, aimed at decarbonising the economy. We must transition without generating significant negative societal impacts and economic disruption, as a result of any inadvertent energy deprivation, as we move to a new energy future. Its a complex problem, and we must show both urgency and patience, where necessary. Decarbonising industries and supply chains, and retaining and re-using energy, is fundamental to the success of this journey". Liam ONeil, Chief Operating Officer