By continually challenging convention, we are relentless in the pursuit of making our operations as green as possible.

Focusing on local content – a significant factor in reducing the emissions of renewable energy projects – we go beyond the call for UK content by utilising our extensive pool of regional construction and O&M technicians close to each asset or departing port.

Combined with our focus on local supply chains and resources, we can deliver exceptional service for renewable energy projects all over the country while significantly reducing the movement of people and minimising operational emissions.

In our supply chain, you’ll find our partners are just as committed to reducing their carbon footprint as we are. Collaborating with our supply chain, we have proactively identified opportunities to reduce emissions and waste.

And when it comes to our clients, using our bespoke Carbon Bubble analysis and asset studies, we can delve deeper into their environmental impact by exploring and helping minimise the full breadth of their emissions from Scope 1 to Scope 3.

Scope 3 emissions are emissions resultant from a company’s operations for which they are indirectly responsible, for example, through their suppliers’ operations. They are often the most significant contributors to a company’s carbon footprint and can be the most challenging to manage and reduce, given that they are generally harder to baseline, understand and resolve.

Our Carbon Management & Reduction Plans (CMRP) take clients through the entire operations and project delivery chain, identifying avoidable or manageable emissions across all three scopes and providing innovative solutions that will help cut carbon consumption.

We develop an initial baseline and build future forecast targets underpinned by our recommended operational modifications in order to deliver your bespoke decarbonisation strategy.

Last year we delivered over 1m person-hours across engineering, design, project management, construction, commissioning and decommissioning across a number of markets. It’s this multi-disciplined and multi-sector experience, coupled with our carbon management engineering experience in multiple end markets, that enables us to develop novel solutions to eliminate waste, lower cost and deliver operations and project time savings.

By delving deeper and challenging convention across the full value chain, PD&MS Group plays its part in making green energy greener.

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