Industrial Battery Power and Storage

It’s inevitable that the storage of electricity will play a big role in sustainable energy grids and the road map to reduced emissions.

Innovative and reliable power storage solutions are needed that can match up with energy production and consumption demands. With extensive transferable experience from other energy sectors, PD&MS is a trusted partner for the delivery of practical, cost-effective power storage solutions. Our power storage services include:


  • Data gathering
  • Desktop analysis
  • Energy data modelling
  • Analysis of energy consumption
  • Development of DE projects around client’s requirements and site limitations
  • Planning
  • Grid connection application (if applicable)
  • Detailed mechanical, electrical and structural design

Installation and Commissioning

  • Site surveys
  • Design modification
  • Civil works
  • Electrical installation such as LV and HV cable laying, with all relevant protection installed
  • Site acceptance tests
  • Commissioning process including system testing, engineering recommendations and commissioning testing that conforms with manufacturers’ requirements

Balance of Plant and Operations and Maintenance

  • Preventative and scheduled maintenance
  • System monitoring
  • Manual electrical testing
  • Battery qualification tests (physical, environmental and cycle life)
  • State-of-health testing
  • Non-invasive testing
  • Voltage measurements
  • Infrared imaging of battery systems

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