Acquired by PD&MS Group in 2021, Synergie Environ Ltd (SEL) works closely with the PD&MS team to embed low carbon thinking into all stages of an asset’s life, from project FEED stage to late-life operations and decommissioning.

SEL’s expertise in clean technology innovation and PD&MS’s extensive engineering experience delivering low-carbon solutions in Brownfield Mods is a winning combination.

As the industry attitude toward reducing carbon emissions changes, SEL and PD&MS Group are seeing a larger volume of clients looking to engage with them to develop carbon reduction plans. Managing Director of SEL, Uisdean Fraser, explains:

“It was reported recently that the North Sea is expected to spend $750m on emissions allowances in 2022. This is because the amount of carbon emissions companies (under the UKETS) can produce reduces yearly.

“For any emissions above the set allowance, carbon credits must be bought, which are traded on an exchange type basis. Pair this with the fact that the cost of carbon has almost doubled in the past year from £44 to £82, and you can see why it’s vital that energy companies take action.
The fundamental principle that SEL has always worked to is that if you reduce consumption by being more efficient and wasting less, you will lower your cost of operations. These efficiencies can come from a single significant change, such as a large waste process project. However, efficiency comes more commonly from aggregating several measures to improve energy usage across several fronts.

“We had, for instance, one client with six large sites where we identified measures across their portfolio to reduce their cost of consumption by 37%. This also resulted in an annual carbon emission reduction of some 6,000 tonnes

For over a decade, Synergie Environ has provided low-carbon engineering project development and execution. Uisdean started the company in 2009 with a mission – to push forward the development of clean energy in Scotland and the UK:

Having developed the first AD plant of its type in the UK for a previous employer in 2006, I realised the role that engineering could play in a cleaner and lower carbon environment. So when I decided to start up on my own, using technology and its associated engineering challenges was the long-term goal.

“This has resulted in a portfolio of increasingly larger and more technically complex projects as we can provide the client with a full range of services from concept to commissioning. In fact, in certain sectors, we are rapidly becoming the “go-to” specialist to deliver projects with most of these projects being a first in the UK, Europe or globally.

“We work with all types of operations, including oil rigs, FPSOs and support vessels. To drive the change needed to meet carbon targets, we must work across the entire industry and at all stages of operations.

“By considering every stage of the asset lifecycle, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, we can give our clients the full picture and help them identify and make the large changes and/or the smaller accumulative changes that add up to significant carbon savings.”

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