Green Mods

We recognise that the longer-term new energy future will involve significant infrastructure projects, energy mix shifts, and innovation to tackle the energy challenges of transport, heating, and crude oil derivative products.

PD&MS are well positioned to support the mid-long term energy transition through our Renewables Energy division and Cleantech acquisition, but there are significant carbon reduction opportunities that can delivered in the short term. Green Mods is a PD&MS initiative that has transformed how modifications are delivered. We consider full life-cycle carbon impact of new and existing equipment to determine the most environmentally sound solution to our customers’ problems. We have one eye firmly on the longer-term future, and in the present, through engineering, design, supply chain, and operations, we evaluate and manage the Carbon impact of our solutions to provide Green Mods to bring us closer to Net Zero, today.

Green Mods is underpinned by a decade of low carbon solutions across a range of industries, our bespoke carbon accounting tools and our engineering expertise. We are best placed to support our clients maximise economic recovery whilst delivering short, mid and long term carbon reductions across the full asset lifecycle.

Typically, projects are assessed within the more traditional domains of technical and commercial bid evaluations.

PD&MS has introduced a third category that will inform our design, engineering and supply chain strategies – our ‘Green Mods’ offering. Green Mods involves consideration of the optimal carbon-conscious solution during design, the selection of vendors and supply chain strategies, the optimisation of logistics and the search for alternative materials or equipment components. It also means considering invested energy in ongoing maintenance and operational emissions relating to any new kit or equipment.

Our suppliers are of great strategic importance when it comes to helping PD&MS improve its sustainability as a company. How we engage with our suppliers and measure their strengths and weaknesses forms part of the foundation of our Sustainable Sourcing Policy. This policy considers legal requirements, cost and waste reduction, the mitigation of risks, and the protection of our reputation as a responsible buyer.

We build low carbon engineering into our modifications engineering processes, delivering carbon reductions benefits today as standard.


Case Study

We are delivering these solutions today, the below PV Solar Array Business Case Study demonstrates how a combination of carbon reduction knowledge and traditional brownfield engineering can deliver results.


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