Late-Life Operations

PD&MS has developed a unique solution to late-life asset management by establishing a Joint Service Operator (JSO) method of reducing Operations and Maintenance costs, as the asset moves toward decommissioning.

Our JSO offering affords our clients the opportunity to retain an asset within their duty-holdership portfolio, whilst delegating standard duty-holder responsibilities to PD&MS. This service demonstrably reduces client OPEX;

This unique method of managing late life operations and maintenance on behalf of our clients has proven to be highly effective, delivering savings to our clients.

This unique and effective solution for maximising returns on capital investment, whilst minimising operational expenditure is no longer a secret as the HSE have recognised PD&MS as an officially designated Joint Service Operator in our client asset Safety Cases.

Once again, this out-of-the-box thinking has significantly reduced client OPEX where PD&MS provide all elements of the late-life operations and maintenance on and offshore; especially significant as the asset enters into normally unmanned/not-normally attended operations.

Decommissioning and Late-Life Operations Services

PD&MS has established its own safety management system and acts as Joint Service Operator (JSO) of client NUI assets as they prepare for decommissioning.

This allows the Late-life asset to remain in the client portfolio whilst being operated by a cost effective, dedicated late-life service team resourced across various assets and clients. This reduces OPEX and the personnel retention cost burden through the provision of OIMs, HLOs, Integrity team, Maintenance, Operations teams.

PD&MS decommissioning offering has gone from strength to strength seeing around £35m of decommissioning service support provided to our customers since 2019/2020. PD&MS have established an end to end offering in decommissioning from planning to removals

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