Oil & Gas

Our Approach

PD&MS deliver best in class solutions through innovation, value engineering and waste elimination, and via safe, scalable and efficient solutions. Our broad and proven service offering includes conceptualisation, front-end studies, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, late-life management and decommissioning.

PD&MS offer a broad range of services in the oil and gas sector. From Concept Engineering, through Detail Design, Construction, Commissioning and Decommissioning services. Covering onshore and offshore production facilities, drilling, refining and other discrete segments of the Oil and gas value chain. We consistently deliver right sized solutions, within our tailored assurance processes, to produce fit for purpose and cost-effective solutions.

What makes us different is our focus on lean and agile delivery; treating customers’ requirements as of paramount importance; and being flexible when it comes to the range of styles, approaches, needs and wants of different customer groups. We apply these principles across all of our oil and gas services, which are detailed in specific sections