Project Management

Our Approach

The PD&MS Way is underpinned by our project management community of practice (CoP), which provides appropriately scaled assurance based on project complexity and risk.

Our project management community uses a blend of practical experience, professional project management education and a combination of bespoke and licensed tools that form the basis of the PD&MS Way, resulting in lean, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Project Management Services

The PD&MS Way allows us to categorise projects based on a range of factors, with scalable assurance then applied across a wide spectrum of undertakings, from small and simple repair order work to large-scale and more complex capital projects.

This enables us to offer significant cost-efficiency and agility and to deliver according to unique customer requirements, avoiding a one-size-fits-all system that fails to recognise clients’ individual needs. PD&MS is able to offer an array of project management services, namely:

  • Project management
  • Risk management, including quantitative risk management
  • Estimating and cost control
  • Scheduling, project monitoring and control
  • Interface management
  • Quality management
  • Independent project reviews and third party verification
  • Vendor management

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