Maximising Economic Recovery

PD&MS lean delivery model and innovative solution drive down costs for our customers.

We constructively challenge, and bring new perspectives to our customers’ requirements, with a view to finding the right balance between original design specifications and appropriate engineering and design solutions that give full consideration to remaining asset life. By operating as a lean and agile service provider that offers end-to-end project delivery, we’re able to reduce projects’ capital costs and focus on new production opportunities. PD&MS boasts an enviable track record of ‘right first time’, lower cost, fast-paced delivery in the flowline and subsea tie-backs.

Maximising Economic Recovery begins with taking a new perspective on the conventional approach and seeking opportunities to value engineer solutions that meet the technical and commercial needs of the customers MER agenda.

We’ve also undertaken a number of projects focused on plant optimisation to improve asset efficiency, in order to enhance the ongoing economic outlook for customers’ assets.

These have included:

  • Plant and process debottlenecking
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Power generation strategies
  • Repurposing or reconfiguring processes and plant

PD&MS are passionate about supporting our customers to achieve their net zero goals, on producing assets.

We are an ideal partner for our customers, as we work together to maximise economic recovery in responsible and sustainable ways. We have a wide range of services and vast experience in decarbonisation and renewable energy solutions. We provide end to end low carbon energy services from development of investment case and identification of carbon reduction opportunities through to detailed design, engineering, construction, and commissioning of low carbon solutions.

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Maximising economic recovery today to support the foundations of new energy tomorrow.

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