Commissioning and Completions

PD&MS offers a range of commissioning services which enhance our end-to-end service offering for customers by aligning objectives between the construction and commissioning interface, and minimise costly third party interactions.

We also offer start-up support, as well as static and dynamic commissioning services, for a range of complex and non-complex tasks via our commissioning resource pool. This allows us to enrich the construction-to-commissioning interface, ensuring the right relationship between two traditionally difficult interface points, driving common accountability within a single PD&MS construction and commissioning team, and optimising final handover. We’re able to work across a range of customer-preferred completions systems, plus we have access to an in-house completions system that’s underpinned by the Orbit completions system.

Our design work clearly defines completion and commissioning requirements, whilst retaining a focus on customer priorities and targets through all phases of a project, irrespective of its size and complexity.

The approach we take is flexible enough to allow for optimal commissioning delivery, in turn allowing us to evaluate the start-up sequence and construction completions sequences, in order to ensure commissioning procedure needs are clear and created in a way that reflects optimal sequencing.

We then typically carry out a commissioning desktop evaluation of each system to ensure readiness prior to offshore activity (a dry run). We’ll also deploy our commissioning engineers to site to use our learning from this desktop session in order to support our PD&MS commissioning technicians, and to manage and coordinate vendors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to support start-up, where relevant.

Our Commissioning Team

  • Work with the ICP or IVB to satisfy verification body requirements
  • Review all ‘Red Line’ and ‘Green Line’ drawings and update master drawings, where required
  • Execute commissioning procedures
  • Complete cold loop and hot loop testing
  • Manage completions system input and ensure commissioning is conducted in line with the agreed sequence
  • Work with the operations group to resolve start-up issues or optimise start-up
  • Carry out equipment fault-finding and fault rectification
  • Handle green lining commissioning drawings during fault rectification
  • Support OEMs and specialist vendors throughout the commissioning phase

Why Choose PD&MS?

Furthermore, PD&MS commissioning technicians are selected and provided to suit the profile of the commissioning work. Where appropriate, they can be ‘common’ multi-skilled technicians, combining construction and commissioning expertise, to reduce POB and flight schedule burdens.

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