Execution delivery is founded on a ‘fit for construction’ design (developed in the design phase), which ensures that we’re in the best position to achieve a safe and efficient construction phase.

PD&MS truly believes that construction management starts early on during design work, but also that construction involvement can aid in the optimisation of engineering solutions for maximum offshore safety and productivity.

This is supported by our conviction in a construction-led delivery model, one which ensures that an engineered solution that’s fit for purpose is developed, with a primary focus on reducing offshore exposure hours wherever possible. This approach is further enhanced via detailed planning, plus early engagement with operations, facilities, planning and logistics personnel, to safeguard the clear communication of personnel on board (POB) as well as operational site support requirements.

The development of a clear construction, commissioning and handover plan during the early stages of design allows the engineering work-breakdown structure (WBS) and construction workpacks to be developed, which dovetail with details about mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, dynamic commissioning and full system handover.

PD&MS has also introduced several measures to aid the efficient production of scalable construction workpacks that are fit for purpose.

The practical, flexible approach that we adopt to deliver onshore design engineering is also applicable to our site/offshore construction teams. In-house development of construction supervision over the past 17 years – for both onshore and offshore activities – has been derived primarily from our execution of discrete construction campaigns. The nature of these campaigns, often revolving around operational shutdowns, project execution and modification work, has fostered a delivery-focused approach for our offshore teams. We also provide core crew construction teams, covering all trade disciplines, for several clients. We invest significant amounts of time and effort in our supervision teams too, as we believe that great safety and execution stems from strong leadership and helps to embody our ‘right first-time’, conscientious culture.

Construction Services

The PD&MS construction offering covers:

  • Construction-led design, ensuring ‘right first-time’ delivery
  • Site/offshore supervision and leadership
  • Multi-skilled technicians
    • Electricians
    • Instrumentation technicians
    • Mechanical technicians
    • Rope access technicians
    • Platers
    • Welders
    • Riggers
    • Pipefitters

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