Integrity and Maintenance Repairs

Through our in-house Integrity and Maintenance Repairs (IMR) group, we’re able to manage inspection anomalies to correctly assess their criticality to operations and execute completion of any repairs efficiently.

We also coordinate input for third parties, including incumbent fabric maintenance, integrity inspectors and drilling contractors, and vendor management.

Our Inspection, Maintenance and Repair services extend across all the sectors we operate in and PD&MS offers a range of asset integrity services,  designed to be flexible, responsive and low cost.

We understand that customer operations can be a 24/7 demand and that asset uptime is critical to our customers success. Our Four-pronged approach to Integrity and Maintenance Repairs (IMR) is based on;

  1. Working with our customers to understand the condition of their assets, equipment or infrastructure
  2. Responsiveness and Urgency;
  3. Supportive Supply Chain
  4. Transparent, Measurable and Continuously Improved

Working with our customers to understand the condition of their assets, equipment or infrastructure;

We do this through our specialist services division which is responsible for conducting inspections, performing a range of Non-Destructive testing and evaluation, developing asset integrity strategies and a program of work to address repairs based on risk and operational priority.

Learn more about our Special Service Division.

Responsiveness and Urgency;

At PD&MS we understand that customers face shareholder demands to maximise the use of expensive fixed assets.

Asset uptime is key to achieving maximum value. Our commitment to our customers is always to act with responsiveness and urgency when critical repairs or maintenance activity needs our support. Our IMR offering is designed to be responsive, providing you with the assurance that we are always within reach to support you restart your asset safely and efficiently, in the shortest possible timescale.

Supportive Supply Chain

Our extensive supply chain partner network gives us unrivalled access to fast turnaround fabrications, materials, and equipment.

By relying on a fabrication supply chain, we’re not constrained by our own fabrication throughput limitations or competing internal priorities. Instead we can leverage the supply chain to achieve the best technical and commercial solutions in the market, that address the issue at hand.

Transparent, Measurable and Continuously Improved

Our IMR service is underpinned by transparent commercial models which enhance our customers ability to forecast spend.

We believe in utilising fixed price models and key performance indicators to ensure our performance is aligned with the needs of our customers. Our KPIs are typically linked to turnaround and response time, demonstrating our willingness to stand behind the service levels required to support optimal plant uptime.

Through bespoke management tools and dashboards, we are able to offer full visibility of progress and performance to our customers. Its this drive to measure our performance and continuously improve our service that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Offering

We offer a range of repair order services across the Piping, Structural and Electrical service lines. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Pipe Repairs
  • Pipe Replacements
  • Pipe Supports
  • Tubing Replacement
  • Grating and Handrails
  • Tertiary and Secondary Steel Work
  • Like for Like equipment change outs (Light fittings, Basic Instruments etc)
  • Other Like for Like repairs or replacements.

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