Front End Engineering

In the Front-End Engineering and Design phase (FEED), we work to further front-end load (FEL) areas of risk and uncertainty.

At the same time we develop specific engineering and design aspects of our solution and, where appropriate, progress our supply chain strategy and order long-lead items. We’ve undertaken countless FEED scopes and, in many cases, taken the FEED output and gone on to deliver successful detailed design and project execution phases.

Our FEED offering draws on a wide range of technical engineering disciplines and expertise, all of which exists within the in-house PD&MS team.

We also have experience in the provision of appropriately scaled project management and supply chain management support during this phase of work. These capabilities form part of our assurance that we can help to minimise costs and optimise the coordination of resources, both internally and across the supply chain.

We pride ourselves on developing novel solutions and see the FEED phase as an ideal opportunity to mature our understanding of a project’s scope, challenge assumptions and explore different ways of achieving intended outcomes, whilst improving efficiency. We’re also able to review third party FEED outputs, acting as a verification partner and bringing an alternative view before the project moves forward to its sanctioning point.

Our full FEED offering entails:

  • Multidisciplinary engineering solutions
  • Verification of third party FEED work
  • FEED estimating and scope scheduling
  • Supply chain intelligence gathering and strategy optimisation
  • Ordering of long-lead items
  • Quantifying risk and opportunities
  • Developing a robust detailed design execution plan
  • Right-to-left thinking – from commissioning back through to FEED
  • Customer standards and specification reviews – for optimisation

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