Specialist Services

Inspection Services

PD&MS provide a wide range of non-destructive testing (NDT) methods to both BS EN ISO and ASME standards, with all NDT technicians qualified to ISO 9712 (PCN-qualified).

Combining this with our rope access capability provides a flexible and diverse multidisciplinary workforce capable of executing inspection techniques in difficult-to-reach areas. We also have our own procedure suite which provides the foundations for detailed inspections to be executed. To ensure the correct results are obtained for the client post-inspection, PD&MS ensures that client requirements are discussed in detail prior to execution.

PD&MS has been providing a range of inspection techniques successfully for several years and carries extensive in-house capabilities for their delivery. Our personnel have a variety of relevant qualifications at PCN Level 3 and 2, as well as CSWIP 3.0 to 3.2 (Senior Welding Inspectors with Radiography Interpretation). We can also offer ASME plant inspection and API-qualified inspection personnel, all of whom have several years’ experience of executing these services offshore.

Rope Access Services

PD&MS is a full operator member of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

We understand the importance of a robust rope access management system and the processes involved in ensuring that a competent workforce is in place and are exhibiting the correct attitude and aptitude for working at height. Our company also recognises the benefits this service brings to our clients and the efficiencies it offers on site, whilst providing a safe system of work.

To support our rope access services, two key roles exist within PD&MS, as recognised by IRATA. They are a rope access manager and a rope access technical authority. Each role is unique and has defined responsibilities which support our IRATA-approved rope access management system.

All rope access works are comprehensively planned and managed to ensure a safe system of work. Key interfaces exist between onshore and offshore parties, to ensure regular communication sessions are held with rope access supervisors and the management team. This is a crucial part of making sure that ongoing operations are correctly planned and executed, with information fed back to the rope access management team for review.

Quality Control Function

Our quality control (QC) function also sits within our Specialist Services department.

It provides instant access to an experienced inspection management team that holds professional qualifications from multiple awarding bodies such as ASME, API, PCN and CSWIP. Our QC inspection team consists of a multi-skilled group of inspectors with specialisations including NDE, coatings, fabrication and welding, and valves. The team carries out inspections at all phases of scopes, from the upfront review and approval of WPS and ITP components, material receipts and ongoing inspections during fabrication, to final inspections and release.

Joint Integrity and Flange Management

PD&MS can provide a joint integrity programme which will address the current scope of work, whilst focusing on leak-free start-ups and getting it right first time.

By using the very latest software for flange management, we can offer comprehensive bolt, flange and stress calculations which are third party-verified and give excellent traceability. The software is continually updated to include the latest industry standards and guidelines, enabling onsite access to best practice information. Having flange management software in place also provides instant access to bolted joint integrity engineering, linked with piping material specifications, ensuring the correct use of materials.

At PD&MS we only provide industry-experienced ECITB-qualified technicians who are competent in a wide range of bolting systems and equipment. Joints are made in a safe, controlled, documented and measurable manner, to ensure leak-free start-ups. Calculations are produced through our Asset 55 software, ensuring up-to-date values and traceability. We also possess extensive onsite machining experience, having worked on a variety of joint types and sizes ranging from ½”NB to 36”NB. Again, we only provide industry-experienced technicians who are competent in a wide variety of onsite machining methods and hold relevant and professionally-recognised qualifications.

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