Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) will play a central part in supporting the low carbon transformation of the UK industrial base to achieve the government net zero ambition.

There is the potential for significant capital cost savings for the re-use of oil and gas assets for CCUS projects once they have reached the end of their commercial life for oil and gas extraction. The re-use of existing oil and gas assets will also lower the carbon footprint associated with the construction of new CCUS infrastructure. PD&MS has extensive experience in driving cost reduction in late life and decommissioning operations of oil and gas assets and can offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for CCUS modification projects.

Our Services: 

  • New technology integration assessments for CCUS projects
  • Circular economy assessments including the re-use of decommissioned plant and recycling of materials
  • Integrity verification studies for the appraisal of assets for the re-use as a CCUS project
  • Condition and maintenance, capacity, and remaining design life assessments
  • Assessment of the technical requirements to decommission CCUS projects
  • Planning of the decommissioning and suspension of assets with re-use potential
  • End to end CCUS project delivery capability including engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning services

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