PD&MS is committed to supporting our clients through the energy transition era and towards net zero by 2035, but this clearly won’t be all about wind and wave power.

Hydrogen power is a subject gaining in prominence each day and is becoming an exciting part of the energy transition landscape. Our industry can play a pivotal role in the development of hydrogen power, to help make it one of the main contributors to the goal of a carbon-free economy.

Our company is in a strong position to support both green and blue hydrogen-related projects.

Green hydrogen is created by utilising renewable energy, in the form of electricity, to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, while blue hydrogen is extracted from natural gas. Due to the extensive track record PD&MS has in the delivery of complex oil and gas projects for our clients and given the synergies between the sectors, transferring our skill set to cater for hydrogen-driven projects is an extremely attractive aim. The process of using electrolysis to convert water into hydrogen is relatively straightforward, but complexity exists in the storage and transportation of hydrogen – a challenge that our diverse in-house engineering team is well-placed to tackle

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