PD&MS specialises in the delivery of projects that involve filtering and cleaning (to specification), fluid dynamics, flow assurance and liquid transfer.

We do so by using a range of pumps, pipework, valves and equipment packages, typically automated and controlled by a distributed control system . We have experience in a range of old and new technologies, and given our extensive knowledge of mature brownfield assets, we’re able to develop solutions that integrate relevant technology into water sector infrastructure projects. The water industry exhibits significant synergies with many PD&MS projects and we can collaborate with colleagues in the sector to share learning and innovation, and to further enhance the value, predictability and efficiency of schemes undertaken in this field.

Our multidisciplinary engineers and project specialists will work with water industry customers to understand the issues they face.

We can then identify opportunities for the deployment of fresh or alternative ways of working, to optimise project delivery whilst also respecting the history and legacy of the industry and its infrastructure. As a business that thrives on innovation and constructive disruption, we’re always looking for new thinking that harnesses our experience across a range of sectors to achieve best value for our customers.

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